Our shop is open for business!

Check out our shop for exclusive deals that we offer to everyone at a flat rate. We offer various products and services such as customized logos, […]

Immortal Media Group + Fiverr = Bargains For You!

We’re currently on Fiverr.com and currently hosting gigs for you to order at bargain prices. We’ve started our first gig with producing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube […]

Why Social Media Is Vital For Businesses

The Inc. Magazine has a great article on all the ways that social media is beneficial to business in their efforts to market better, increase web […]

3D Logos: Why, When & What For…

In recent months a successful brand that IMG created was tweaked by a US based branding consultancy. Although the logo wasn’t changed, what they did was […]

“Corporate” Design Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

You may hear many creative types express that they feel working on “corporate” projects is boring, limiting and stuffy. However, the more restrictive a project’s guidelines, […]

The Value of Design

WHAT? Design is omni-present. It cannot be escaped. Everywhere you look, every object you see, every book you read, every billboard in your line of sight, […]
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