You may hear many creative types express that they feel working on “corporate” projects is boring, limiting and stuffy. However, the more restrictive a project’s guidelines, the greater the challenge to turn out some great work. Let’s face it. Anyone can make sports, cars and video games look cool in print or on the web.

But, the real test of a firm’s creative capabilities is the ability to make more mundane subject matter engaging to the target audience. Presentation plays a crucial role in forming the impression your piece has on a viewer and color, placement, size and texture can all influence them to take a closer look.

Don’t stop at the obvious – delve deeper into how your offering improves lives, how people interact with it, how it makes them feel and the result will be a representation that is genuine and that your audience can relate to. Sometimes, starting by identifying the problem is the quickest way to have people nodding in agreement with the “pain” you describe.

So, now you know – all of you in less “exciting” industries know that not only CAN you expect the same “wow” factor for your marketing collateral as sports cars and luxury items, but you SHOULD. Chances are, your competitors are missing this same opportunity to make a splash and gain market share.

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